Nora Necklace

Beaded clusters encircle a simple rope to create this contemporary double strand necklace that will add interest to any outfit. "Nora" translates to "Fire" in Assyrian.

Certified Fair Trade by the Fair Trade Federation & handcrafted by an Iraqi artisan seeking to build a better life for her or his family.

The necklace measures 78.7" (200 cm) and features glass beads and gemstones.


Ramzia lives in Dohuk with her husband and children. Although she has always had a passion for jewelry making, her dreams were limited by her family’s traditional values.

“If you have a dream to achieve something, Prosperity Catalyst makes it possible to achieve your dream even if you are married and have kids and have other competing responsibilities. I have a passion for handicrafts, and they helped me make it happen.” -Ramzia

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